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Brightwater Junction
Lyn Coones - Banjo
Tonya Coones - Bass
Eric Coones - Mandolin
Jason Jordan - Guitar
Traditional Bluegrass Music
Brightwater Junction is a bluegrass band from Southwest  Missouri.  If you are looking for a band to entertain the bluegrass festival crowd look no 
further.  When it comes to tight harmony's  and great pickin, they have it all.   All of the members work hard to be their best on the instruments
they play.  The band was put together in the late 90's and have become a favorite throughout the years.   Jason Jordans flat pickin is second to none.  His powerful bluegrass voice is a great addition to the group.  Jason  is the song writer of the band.   He co-wrote the song "Captain"recorded by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.  The band features Jasons songs along with songs that the band digs deep for.  Songs that you probably don't hear alot.   They also do the old traditional favorites.  Eric is a  respected mandolin player in the bluegrass community.  He has a style of his own blended from some of the greats.  Tonya's rock solid bass keeps the beat in the groove.  Lyn's Scruggs style banjo rounds out the Brightwater Junction sound.  They also add some humor along the way to round out the show.  Be sure 
and go to our schedule page and  find out where you can see this band.  
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